Foodie Friday~Spring Quiche

Here is a yummy recipe you will keep on making time and time again! One of the things I love most about making a quiche is how incredibly versatile they are. We literally will decide the day of that we want to make a quiche for dinner and all I do is pop open my fridge and check out what ingredients we have in the crisper to throw in…In this case I used fresh Ontario asparagus (first of the season, yum!) with caramelized onions and a nice old cheddar cheese. I mean sounds so simple right?!

That’s the thing with a quiche, it can be sooo simple and still taste SO GOOD…and with so many different flavour combinations there is a quiche for everyone! But for today, let’s start ya’ll off with my Asparagus and Caramelized Onion Quiche. There really are no secrets to making a quiche…if you have eggs, a pastry pie shell (you can use store bought or even Bisquick) and some filler¬†ingredients you are good and ready to get cooking! Don’t like asparagus? No problem, add in some steamed broccoli instead.Want a tangier cheese? Okay, add in some dollops of fresh goat cheese in place of the cheddar! See the variations?

Asparagus Spring Quiche


Get creative and enjoy the simple dinner dish ya’ll! Don’t forget to come back next week for the first part of my Ultimate Summer Drinks, I have found some¬†yummy treats to share and cannot wait for you to get a sneak peak at some of my fellow bloggers recipes!

Remember, everybody needs a little creativity in their lives <3

Fall Vineyard

Thanksgiving is upon us!

I can’t believe that it is already Thanksgiving weekend! This calls for a special edition of Foodie Friday! This week I am showing you two easy sides to dress up your bland Thanksgiving table…I know that sounds offensive, but really let me take a stab at it here.

Every year you have a giant delicious turkey in the middle of your table surrounded by what? Mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, gravy, parsnips and maybe some carrots…am I right? Do you see the colour scheme there!? Now, if cranberry sauce is the only thing adding colour to your Thanksgiving table this post is for you!

I made two dishes for you to take to your dinner and really impress the family…this is especially good for all you newlyweds still trying to make an impression on the in-laws! The first is a Sauteed Brussel Sprout dish with Pancetta and the second is a delicious Kale with Cranberries and Toasted Pecans…mmm! (Click the recipe link above for everything you need to make these dishes!).

Grab a glass of wine, keep the bottle handy for the second recipe, and enjoy! After all, everybody needs a little creativity in their lives <3