Holiday Clementine Cranberry Cocktail

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 The flavors of the tangy cranberry combine with the citrus bursts of clementine and soft sweetness of the rum to create this incredible Clementine Cranberry Cocktail! 

The holidays are just around the corner so I thought today I would share my delicious Clementine Cranberry Cocktail (or mocktail!) for you to add to your list for entertaining! Any one who knows us will tell you that this drink is present at any and ALL events that we host. I have even brought the ingredients with me to other parties just so I could enjoy it more while the clementines are in season! 

Clementine Cranberry Cocktail

Aside from the fact that this drink is delicious, it is also GORGEOUS and really stands out as a unique Holiday Cocktail your guests will enjoy. It has a beautiful pale red color with notes of both tangy and sweet and the best part? The bubbles from the Ginger ale that bounce on your tongue as you sip (or gulp in my case!) it back! Everything about this Cranberry Cocktail screams holidays to me which is why it has been a staple in our celebrations for over 4 years now.

The flavors of the tangy cranberry combine with the citrus bursts of clementine and soft sweetness of the rum to create this incredible Clementine Cranberry Cocktail! #HolidayCocktails #CranberryCocktail #ChristmasDrinks

The flavors of the tangy cranberry combine with the citrus bursts of clementine and soft sweetness of the rum to create this incredible Clementine Cranberry Cocktail! #HolidayCocktails #CranberryCocktail #ChristmasDrinks

How do you make good holiday cocktails?

  • A good Holiday Cocktail starts with your barware. Be creative and have fun and be sure to have a wide selection of cocktail glasses to match the drink you are making.
  • Ice, Ice baby! Cold is best, no one likes a warm drink! Keep your liquid ingredients in the fridge to ensure optimal temperature for your cocktails.
  • Have a wide array of alcohol on hand so you can sub if someone doesn’t like your base (i.e. they prefer vodka cocktails to rum cocktails).
  • Measure your ingredients. Free-handing is fun but you don’t want to have too strong, or too weak, of a drink to serve your guests.
  • Add ice to your shaker right before mixing and no sooner…you don’t want to serve an overly diluted drink.
  • Always pay attention to the ingredients going into your cocktail, if it has carbonation be sure to STIR rather than SHAKE to avoid a messy situation.
  • ALWAYS garnish your cocktails! Even a simple garnish makes the difference between a drink and a perfect cocktail.
Holiday Cranberry Cocktail Garnished
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Holiday Clementine Cranberry Cocktail

The flavors of the tangy cranberry combine with the citrus bursts of clementine and soft sweetness of the rum to create this incredible Clementine Cranberry Cocktail, perfect for any Holiday gathering!  
Course Cocktails, Drinks, Mocktails
Cuisine American, English-American
Keyword Christmas Cocktails, Holiday Cocktail
Prep Time 5 minutes
Servings 2 people
Author Melissa


  • 3 Clementines
  • 1/2 cup Ginger Ale
  • 1.5 cup Cranberry Juice
  • handful Frozen Cranberries
  • 4 oz White Rum
  • handful Ice Cubes


  • Prepping the Clementine Juice
    Begin by using a fruit knife (often included in a cocktail shaker kit) to gently curl some of the rind for garnish, set aside. Cut the clementine in half and squeeze the juice into a small bowl or container. 
  • Combine the cranberry juice, clementine juice, ice and rum in your cocktail shaker. Make sure the lid is on tightly and SHAKE to mix the ingredients well. 
  • Using the strainer, pour equal portions into your glass. Add 1/2 of the ginger ale along with a couple of frozen cranberries and stir gently to combine. 
  • Garnish
    On a small toothpick, spear 3-4 cranberries and wrap the clementine peel from earlier between. Place on top of your glass and serve. Add additional ice if you want it colder.


You can prepare your clementines ahead of time, we normally juice and peel them the day before our parties and keep the juice in a sealed container so it is easy to measure the day of! 
If you prefer your drink weaker (or stronger) be sure to adjust the rum to your tastes! 

Remember, everything is customizable! If you are having a large gathering you can always make this as a punch, just calculate the number of guests you have and increase your ingredients. For example, a party with 20 guests would require 10x the ingredients listed above. Also, if you have guests that do not drink alcohol you can easily omit the rum and it will still taste just as good. Always have fun with it and it will show to your guests, no one likes a stressed out party host!

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27 thoughts on “Holiday Clementine Cranberry Cocktail

  1. Gloria Duggan says:

    Yes the holiday parties are just around the corner. This seems like a great option to have in the mix. It would also be a great “DD” drink ( minus the rum)….or one for the kids to enjoy (minus the alcohol).

  2. Karyl Henry says:

    These are great tips! I have to admit, when my friends and I have parties, we throw all caution to the wind and just work with what we’ve got 🙂 But for a nice holiday gathering, a little more order and organization is a fabulous idea

    • oliveblogger says:

      You need to get the ingredients together and make this cocktail asap, I promise you will love it! The tangy and sweet combination with the bubbly ginger ale are heavenly <3

    • oliveblogger says:

      It is a really nice refreshing drink, thanks to the cranberry juice! And the bubbles from the ginger ale make it feel so fancy <3 we love this cocktail!

  3. Marisa Franca says:

    What a great sounding cocktail and it looks so festive too. It would be a great recipe at Thanksgiving, especially with the orange-cranberry flavor. I’d better start stocking up on mixers and alcoholic beverages.

    • oliveblogger says:

      It is a perfect cocktail for the Holidays, we cannot get enough of it!!! I love it for NYE too, something different from the usual!

    • oliveblogger says:

      Thanks April, it is an amazing flavor combination that everyone loves when they try it <3 and of course RUM, that is my go to alcohol for mixed drinks.

  4. DeliciousLittleBites says:

    This does look like the perfect holiday cocktail! I love the flavors, not to mention how pretty it looks – very festive!

    • oliveblogger says:

      Thank you! It is always so much fun to create delicious and beautiful cocktails, especially for Holiday entertaining!

    • oliveblogger says:

      Thanks so much Catherine, you can’t go wrong with the delicious flavor of cranberries and clementines for the Holidays!

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