DIY Chrismas Lantern

This is a super easy DIY to make your home sparkle during the holidays! (You can even change out the colours of your mesh and make them for an outdoor wedding <3 ).

What you need

  • Mesh Ribbon Roll (can find at any local craft store, and many department stores)
  • Strand of Christmas Lights
  • Lantern of your choice (I used one of my outdoor ones!)


  • Cut desired length of mesh (this all depends on the size of your lantern and how much “Fluff” you want) I cut about 4 feet.
  • Lay mesh out on a flat surface and place the lights in the center.
  • Wrap and “fluff” the mesh around your lights and stuff into the lantern
    • Note: You should not have much room once it is inside, this will ensure the mesh keeps its bubbly shape and the lights don’t fall
    • Be sure to leave a foot or so of the cord (with the plug) out of the top so that you can plug it in
  • Place your lantern in its desired location, plug in and ENJOY!


Seriously guys, that’s IT! What an easy, fun and stunning decor piece to add to your home! See below for some of my photos (although they really do no justice for the sparkling beauty that is on my basement landing!).

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