Your #1 Drink Guide for Father’s Day

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Here are a few drinks you can share with your dad for Father’s Day, here’s hoping for sunshine and warmth! The nice thing about the list I have compiled for you is that it includes drinks for any type of Dad at your father’s day BBQ! (Or, if you are reading this after the fact, then you are looking in the right place to find some unique and tasty drinks to make for any manly occasion!). I hope you check them all out and let me know what you think, I know my hubby is already requesting the Mojito (his favourite drink) and the Jalapeno Infused Bourbon…but why am I blabbing on…read on friends to find your favourite! Be sure to check out our Top 10 Summer Drinks while you’re here as well!


Grumpy Old Man From: Mix that Drink

The name of this one alone is what caught my attention! Everyone knows a “grumpy old man” and if you don’t…well then I hate to tell you…it’s you! This is a simple 3 ingredient bourbon based drink that is just perfect for any man in your life! Serve in a classic bourbon glass to give dad the full experience.

Grumpy Old Man Bourbon Drink

Courtesy of: Mix that Drink, click HERE for the recipe!


Captain America From: Five Little Chefs

Do you have a superhero dad? Then this drink is for him! It is a bright and colourful, non-alcoholic drink that can easily be adapted to your dads taste buds with his favourite liquor! Personally I would suggest a nice vodka to balance out the sweetness of the drink! Or, if you prefer, leave it kid friendly and let everyone feel like a superhero for the day! Be sure to get your superhero party supplies and go all out with the theme to spoil your own hero!

Captin America Drink

Courtesy of: Five Little Chefs, click HERE for the recipe!


Whiskey Beer Lemonade From: Cooks with Cocktails

Looking for a refreshing drink for dad while he mans the grill? Look no further, this Whiskey Beer Lemonade is exactly what its name spells…The addition of the lemonade makes it slightly sweet and simply fresh. A great treat for a dad who loves his whiskey and beer! Serve in a fun beer glass that can double as a gift for dad on his special day!

Whiskey Beer Lemonade

Courtesy of: Cooks with Cocktails, click HERE for the recipe!


Arnold Palmer Blackberry Spritzer From: A Travelling Wife

The classic, lemonade mixed with iced tea, with a TWIST! It couldn’t be any easier to have a “fancy” drink for father’s day…literally! You mix a few simple ingredients together, adding in ginger ale and frozen blackberries to really make it a statement drink. And don’t worry, with how simple this one is you can add whatever kind of alcohol dad likes to make it HIS!

Arnold Palmer Spritzer

Courtesy of: A Travelling Wife, click HERE for the recipe!


The BEST Margarita From: Happy Healthy Mama

A classic drink for a classic dude! Need I say more? Learn the basics and keep it classy for your dad on his special day. Sometimes there is just no reason to add anything extra or fancy to a drink, leave it be and let the mix of basic ingredients do all the work! Pair with some new bar tools for dad to make these over and over again.


Courtesy of: Happy Healthy Mama, click HERE for the recipe


Homemade Rootbeer From: Reality Daydream 

This is a great drink for the creative dad, the one who loves to turn science into yummy treats! Why you ask?? This recipe uses dry ice! How cool! It’s a classic drink that any dad would love to have for father’s day…but personally I would spike it with vodka!! Serve it up in a nice frosted mug with some vanilla ice cream for a real treat!

Homemade Rootbeer

Courtesy of: Cupcakes with Sprinkles via Reality Daydream, click HERE for the recipe


IPA Mimosa From: Self Proclaimed Foodie

 If you are looking for simple yet refreshing to spoil your dad, this is the one for you! Does he love beer but you want to add a splash of something extra? This IPA Mimosa is so easy, literally your dads favourite IPA beer with fresh grapefruit squeezed in to add a hint of citrus flavour and a lot of yum!

IPA Mimosia

Courtesy of: Self Proclaimed Foodie, click HERE for the recipe


Jalapeno Infused Bourbon Limeade From: Atta Girl Says

Here’s one for the adventurous dad with a love of all things heat! It is tart and sweet with a hint of spice. The best part? You can make the infused bourbon ahead of time as a gift for dad, attach the recipe card for this knockout drink and provide him all the ingredients ! Does your dad love anything spicy? Why not add in his favourite spicy treats and really spoil him on father’s day!


Courtesy of: Atta Girl Says, click HERE for the recipe


Perfect Mojito From: Buy This Cook That 

Last on the list, a CLASSIC through and through…a yummy Mojito. This classic is so refreshing with a hint of sweet and a lot of mint, it is perfect for any dad! You can easily add on to this classic to customize for your fave daddy-o. Make sure you include a muddler on the side so he can mix it up properly!


Courtesy of: Buy This Cook That, click HERE for the recipe

Pheww, that’s a whole lot of delicious drinks for ya’ll to try out for your dad this weekend! What do you think of them? Did I miss your favourite? Did you get some new and fun ideas for the dad(s) in your life? I hope so!! There are so many to choose from that I just know you will be able to wow your dad with something special.

I had so much fun with this post and love when I can work with fellow bloggers to bring you the BEST of something.

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Enjoy and remember, everybody needs a little creativity in their lives <3

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      I often make my own variations without alcohol, adding in soda water or tonic instead just to add to it. Either way, they are all delish! 🙂

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