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California Consumer Privacy Act

If you wish to submit a request in relation to the CCPA and your personal information please send an email to the address below. We will respond to you as soon as possible! *Please note this can take up to 45 days and we will be in touch if we are unable to verify you and/or your request.

CCPA requests are ONLY valid for readers who reside in the state of California. All other requests can and may be denied.


Include: CCPA REQUEST in Subject Line. In the body of the email please send us your request from the following:

  • Request to know – what information has been collected, from where, for what purpose and how it has been collected.
  • Request to access – copy of the personal information we hold
  • Request to delete – delete personal information we hold
  • Request to opt-out of sale of personal information

Note: This request may be extended beyond the 45 day period as outlined in the CCPA based off of the complexity of your request as well as the amount of requests we are processing at that time.