The Nutcracker – Easy Bourbon Cocktail

This simple Bourbon Cocktail is a play on flavors with hints of almond from the addition Amaretto and bright citrus notes. Aptly named The Nutcracker – our delicious cocktail is one to be enjoyed while sitting by the fire with a big bowl of nuts!

The holidays are a time of gathering with friends and family to celebrate the magic of the season, and that’s why we’ve created this simply delicious Bourbon Cocktail for you to share!

Marble cutting board with a clear glass of Bourbon Cocktail surrounded by almonds and citrus
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Strawberries- Farm to Table


It’s STRAWBERRY season! We live in quite a rural area, with many farms around us, and everywhere we drive the signs are up for “Pick Your Own Strawberries”  and I can’t tell you how excited that makes me! There is nothing better in this world than harvesting super fresh produce and bringing it home to make some tasty treats. For a full guide on picking your own strawberries start HERE.

Now that you know the HOW, let’s take a look at all the goodies you can make with them! Prepare yourselves friends…you are going to want to make them all at once…my suggestion? Pick enough at the farm to do just that 🙂 (why would I try to tell you not to, that’s just silly!!). Remember, you can freeze strawberries to use later too…so what’s the harm in 6 baskets at once!?

Click for the Strawberry Round-Up and enjoy!