How to Plan the Perfect Picnic (with free printable checklist)

Wicker picnic basket on grass in the park

I am so excited to share this post with you guys! If there is one thing I firmly believe you MUST do every single summer, it is a picnic! They are so fun and laid back, easy to plan, and filled with delicious food and treats…is there anything I mentioned that doesn’t sound appealing to you!? Nope…didn’t think so!

One thing I love most about a picnic (besides the food and time spent outdoors) is that you can go solo, with your special someone or even in a large group! They can be as intimate or as big as you want them to be, and will create endless memories that you can look back on year after year. I can still tell you about some of the picnics I had growing up, and the first picnic my now hubby and I had…oh was that a good one! We were in a gorgeous park in the town where he grew up, we ordered Thai food from our favourite place and sprawled out on the grass under a tree (that must have been 100 years old). We spent the entire afternoon laughing and sharing stories while indulging in all that nature had to offer us. It is probably at the top of my list for dates with my favourite man…oh the good ol’ days!

I am going to share some tips and tricks for a perfect picnic, and give you great food ideas for anyone’s picky tastes! Don’t know where to go for your picnic? No problem, I even give you ideas for that! I made a fun printable checklist (you can get here) that tells you what to pack,  and what to make and even what to do to keep everyone having fun.  So you wanna plan a picnic? Let’s do it!

How to Plan the Perfect Picnic – Click for menu ideas and more!

That’s so Tiffany!!

Wow, here it is, my first blog post! 

Although wedding season has already reached its peak for the year, I thought it would be fun to share a bridal shower I threw for my older sister last year! The theme was Breakfast at Tiffany’s (which was fitting seeing as how her name is Tiffany and she is OBSESSED with the 1961 film staring no other than Audrey Hepburn herself). Of course we requested on the invitation that the ladies come in their favorite little black dress (LBD) and prepare themselves for an afternoon of glamorous fun! Little did we know the type of weather (and heat) we would be facing…

Here we are, that's me on the left! My sister aka The Bride is in the center, and her best friend/bridesmaid/sister by association is on the right! (Notice the sun streaking across our faces even under the I umbrella!)

Here we are, that’s me on the left! My sister aka The Bride is in the center, and her best friend/bridesmaid/sister by association is on the right! (Notice the sun streaking across our faces even under the umbrella!)

I can vividly remember dancing for the sun God’s and praying that the rain they had been calling for all week would stay away (at least between the hours of 1-4 for this outdoor shower)! And boy did it work! If you can believe it we had 30+(Celsius) with hardly a cloud in the sky! Here I was thinking my dancing was terrible… Well I guess it can’t be that bad!

Anyways, enough with the blabbering! Let me share with you all my vision for the day, including the decor as well as some very fun shower games!

Balloon Pathway

Floating balloons welcomed guests to the backyard.

Floating balloons welcomed guests to the backyard.

These balloons made such a stunning statement, and were SUPER easy and cheap to set up! Now, like most of you, I don’t have a helium tank at home so I went to my local party store and ordered one of their balloon bouquets (which cost me about $15 for 12 balloons). To get them to stick in the ground, and appear to be floating, I attached them to golf tees and gently pushed them into my lawn. And Voila!


Welcome sign for the guests

Welcome sign for the guests

A couple years back I had a “Dead Celebrity Birthday Party” (I will do a post on that one closer to Halloween!) and my sister came dressed as…you guessed it, Audrey Hepburn! It worked out perfectly for the welcome sign we had in mind for the entrance gate! You can use foam board (or a small cut of plywood) to make your own. Paint it in the colour that goes with your theme and insert a photo of the guest of honour in the center! Then decorate it as you see fit. We added some bling as it went perfectly with the Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme!


  1. What would you do if…
One of the games we played at the shower, you can see her guests answer to the question above! (This was the WINNER)

One of the games we played at the shower, you can see her guests answer to the question above! (This was the WINNER)

This is a GREAT game for any bridal shower (or even baby shower)! You select a few scenarios relevant to the event, so in our case “what would you do if… you accidentally bumped into the wedding cake, You walked in on the Best Man and Maid of Honour in the coat room, The groom had too much to drink before the Big Speech?” All the guests will get a kick out of coming up with the best answer (as chosen by the guest of honour) and you will have a good laugh to share with everyone there!

2. Bridal Panty Poem

Undies for the bride-to-be

Undies for the bride-to-be

This was a fantastic game that we (the bridesmaids) put together for the bride! The guests got to sit back and relax as she pulled undies matching the poem out of a gift bag! Everyone ooed and awwed at the first couple, and as the game went on, erupted in laughter as we ended with the infamous “Granny Panty”! You can just use your search engine to find the template for this one by searching “Bridal Panty Poem”.

3. Panty Hose Game

If you're looking for a different, fun game...THIS IS IT!

If you’re looking for a different, fun game…THIS IS IT!

This is the game we used as the party opener! It really gets your guests cheering for their team and leaves them with something to talk about afterwards while you get your other games/food ready! And talk about inexpensive! All you need is a few pairs of panty hose and oven gloves (which I purchased at the dollar store). The rules are simple, you put the girls into groups of 4-6 depending on your numbers, then you have them nominate 1 girl WITHOUT letting them know what the game is. Once each group has their girl in the middle of the room, or lawn, you hand them their tools and explain the the first one to get the panty hose all the way up to their waist (all while wearing the oven gloves) wins a prize for their entire group! Then you can sit back and LOL while you watch them struggle!

Finally I wanted to share with you all the beautiful cake and mini candy buffet that we had set up for dessert/take-away!



We chose to do a simple candy buffet, in the Tiffany Blue theme as a take-away for her guests. You can really go crazy with this, it is so easy to pick a colour for your party and buy buy buy! The delicious cake was made by @artsybaker, and went perfectly with the theme. Although pricey, it was the one item we chose to splurge on so the guests could enjoy! Who wouldn’t love a strawberry cake with lemon creme filling on a hot summers day?

And that my friends is The End of my first post! I truly hope that you found my ideas an inspiration, and can now take it into your own hands to create an event that your family and friends will never forget! After all, everybody needs a little more creativity in their life <3


(If you enjoyed my post, and are loving my blog, please share with your friends and family! That is the best compliment a blogger can receive!)