Spinach and Pancetta Thin Crust Pizza

This delicious thin crust pizza is topped with baby spinach, thinly sliced pancetta and mozzarella cheese that is spread over a fresh pesto base. A simple to make pizza recipe that is great for quick weeknight dinners.

After seeing the response ya’ll had to my Homemade Pizza Dough recipe I thought that I would show you another great idea for topping it off!

There are so many great ways to customize a pizza to your tastes and likes, and for my family, this is one of our favorites! I mean really who DOESN’T love pancetta incorporated into their dinner?? And to top it all off, we added in some spinach and yummy melting mozzarella cheese too…I know, I know, you are drooling and ready to get going right?

First Published: July 2016 Last Updated: April 24, 2020

Thin crust pizza with spinach, mozzarella and pancetta on wooden cutting board
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