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The Perfect Picnic (Food, Drinks & More)

Ready for some summer fun out in the sun?? Here is everything you need to plan the perfect picnic, including a full menu! And don’t forget to check out our Pinterest Board: Picnics for even MORE food ideas, we are constantly updating it with yummy additions!

The first thing you need to decide is where you are going to have this picnic of yours. Here are just a few of my favorite places to go.

Where to go for your picnic:

  • A local park
  • The beach (pack up your swimming gear and head to the water for a fun alternative on the traditional park picnic)
  • Your backyard (yep, why not! You can set up an outdoor tepee using sheets/blankets and have a full picnic experience without leaving your own yard!)
  • Zoo or Amusement Park (make it a full day event and bring your picnic to the fun)
  • Old rail tracks…no longer in use of course! (or any “abandoned” place really! Pick a nice grassy spot away from everything and just sit back and take in your views)
Picnic Foods

Another thing you can do if you are looking for places to go near you is google it! I searched “best picnic spots in Toronto” and the possibilities were endless!

They even have these amazing Folding Picnic Tables you can bring with you anywhere…are you serious? I need one NOW! Imagine leaving it in your car and stopping literally anywhere for your picnic!?

Okay, now that you know where you are going to bring the picnic it’s time for your menu!

Easy Picnic Food Ideas

1. Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus From: Simply Recipes

This is such an easy one for a picnic, and with most of the things I am going to share today, it can be made in advance! The saltiness of the prosciutto paired with the earthy flavors from the asparagus is a match made in heaven, and guaranteed to start the picnic off right!


Courtesy of: Simply Recipes, click HERE for the recipe!

2. Hasselback Tomato Caprese From: Tablespoon

Okay, who doesn’t love a classic Caprese salad (tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil…)?! It is so incredibly fresh and light, and Tablespoon has created the perfect update for us to enjoy at our picnics.

They use a whole Roma tomato and stuff it with the ingredients of a classic Caprese salad and then they drizzle it with a balsamic reduction. Yum! You can pre-assemble the tomatoes with the cheese and pack the balsamic reduction to drizzle once you are ready to eat.


Courtesy of: Tbsp., click HERE for the recipe!

3. Bacon Sriracha Potato Salad From: Peas and Crayons

Update your old potato salad recipe with this new favorite! Everyone loves sriracha right now, it seems to be the “it” thing that we all put in every meal. And to top it all off, this potato salad even features bacon…what more can we want?!


Courtesy of: Peas and Crayons, click HERE for the recipe!

4. Roasted Chickpea Gyros From: Live, Eat, Learn

A fresh “sandwich” option to keep it light. It combines tasty roasted chickpeas with fresh veggies and an unbelievable tzatziki sauce!

This is another one you can pre-assemble for your picnic basket so you can spend more time enjoying the weather with your family.


Courtesy of: Live, Eat, Learn, click HERE for the recipe!

5. Chicken Stuffed French Bread From: Life in the Lofthouse

I would say this one is like a chicken salad packed into a french loaf, but it is so much MORE than that! She combines the chicken not only with dressing but loads of cheese as well…Mmm Mmm!

Now, she does cook the chicken herself but you could easily used a store bought BBQ Chicken and add the other ingredients to make this one even easier to add to your picnic basket.


Courtesy of: Life in the Lofthouse, click HERE for the recipe!

6. Sparkling Unicorn Drink From: The Olive Blogger (me!)

Have you guys tried this one yet?! It is so incredibly light and refreshing and can even be made kid-friendly. The best part, it only takes 3 ingredients, and it will leave your mouth dancing! Just remember to pack your plastic champagne flutes!


Courtesy of: The Olive Blogger, click HERE for the recipe!

7. Summertime Sun Tea From: Thirsty for Tea

Okay seriously, how perfect is this drink? You can make these a few hours in advance, they are completely customizable and you even serve them in mason jars! This one has picnic friendly written all over it!


Courtesy of: Thirsty for Tea, click HERE for the recipe!

8. Strawberry Brownie Skewers From: One Little Project

This dessert was honestly MADE for picnics! It is assembled ahead of time (you can even have the kiddos do it) and even incorporates fresh fruit.

One of the greatest things about these skewers is that you don’t have to bake anything, it is made using two bite brownies which save on prep time too!


Courtesy of: One Little Project, click HERE for the recipe!

9. No Bake Mason Jar Cheesecakes From: Brit + Co

Everyone loves cheesecake…well at least in my mind you do! These are the perfect mini cheesecakes, which can be customized to any taste and packed perfectly into your picnic basket for a little sugar treat at the end of your meal.


Courtesy of: Brit + Co, click HERE for the recipe!

Well, there you have it! Your perfect picnic menu, from your drinks to your appetizers, all the way down to your desserts! Doesn’t everything look so tasty? I want to also add in here, you should always pack some cut up fruit and veggies as well as cheese, crackers and chips, or anything you can easily grab and eat as you wander your chosen picnic spot.

Now remember, a picnic is meant to be fun! Be sure to pack the things listed on my printable HERE and you are on your way to the best day of your summer holiday!

*Please note, this page may contain affiliate links, which cost you nothing more! Please see my Disclosures Page for more details*

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