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Valentine’s Treats – A Special Round-Up!

Hey guys!! Who is as EXCITED as I am that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner?! There is really something about this “holiday” that makes me want to eat sweets, and nothing is more fun that  some cute Valentine’s Treats…although if we are being honest, I don’t generally need an excuse to indulge!

I decided that it would be fun to put together a round-up for you guys with the BEST goodies from myself as well as some fellow bloggers who seem to love “love” as much as I do!


Oh, and don’t worry, if you aren’t into all that overly sweet, chocolaty goodness I have put some other fun ideas on here for you to make for your sweetie (although we can’t be friends if you don’t like chocolate!!). Enjoy! <3

easy nutella brownies: The Olive Blogger

Six nutella brownies, sliced

These are a GAME CHANGER guys! I posted them a couple of weeks ago, and if you didn’t check them out then, you will want to do that NOW! They are incredibly easy to make and their fudgey deliciousness will give you all the feels for Valentines Day. 

Click HERE for the recipe! 

copycat bounty bar chocolate hearts: from allergy girl eats

Chocolate bounty bar hearts on wooden table with red rose

Coconut and chocolate shaped into adorable little hearts…who wouldn’t love this treat?! I am a sucker for a Bounty Bar so I personally cannot WAIT to make this one!

Click HERE for the recipe!

champagne cupcakes: from simply made recipes

cake stand with cupcakes and strawberries

These adorable pink cupcakes are topped with a champagne frosting and finished off with a sweet raspberry drizzle! Mmm talk about show stopping treat! The best part? It uses a boxed cake mix making it perfect for a last minute goodie.

Click HERE for the recipe!

Love knot cookies: From you can eat now

whit plate with pink love knot cookies

A simple and delicious cookie you can make any time of year, but they are especially perfect for Valentines! Think about the symbolism with these cuties, I think they are the perfect Valentine’s treats for the kiddos to bring to daycare/class for their friends

valentine strawberry pop tarts: from kitchen counter chronicles 

white plate with heart shaped homemade pop tarts

Looking for the perfect way to start the day?! Start with these “Pop Tarts” in the shape of hearts! They look delish, filled with a strawberry jam and topped off with a simple icing! The kiddos can even get in on this one, finishing them off with fun sprinkles!

Click HERE for the recipe! 

chocolate cherry cobbler: from trisha dishes

Blue bowl with delicious cherry cobbler

Guys!! This is one decadent treat and it is probably one of the easiest to make (yay!). It is done in the slow-cooker, which makes it a “set it and forget it” kinda dessert (bonus points for that) so you can focus on your sweetie while this cooks away! 

Click HERE for the recipe!

black bottom raspberry vanilla creme brulee bars:from my kitchen love

slices of creme brule bars on wooden cutting board

This dessert features an Oreo crumb base topped with a vanilla creme full of raspberries, I mean c’mon it really doesn’t get any better than this!

Click HERE for the Recipe! 

dark chocolate mousse with candied kumkuats: from diversivore

glass bowl of mousse with red napkin

Here is a dessert that is sure to impress the love in your life! The mousse is “Smooth, airy, and chocolaty” and our friend Sean at Diversivore then adds another delicious element by incorporating candied kumkuats! Say what!? Simply put, they are a citrus type fruit that add a serious depth to this dish

Click HERE for the recipe! 

vegan chocolate covered strawberries: from 80 twenty nutrition 

chocolate dipped strawberries on plate

A true classic !! Who doesn’t remember at least one Valentines Day where your sweetie gave you some Chocolate Covered Strawberries?! This recipe is sure to please, and gets bonus points for being vegan, low in calories and having NO added sugar!

Click HERE for the recipe! 

cinnamon heart snickerdoodles: from lively mess

pink snickerdoodle cookies on baking rack

A truly adorable cookie that is light and fluffy and has a sweet and slightly spicy surprise…Cinnamon candy hearts! This update on the Snickerdoodle (a traditional Christmas cookie) has got me all excited!

Click HERE for the recipe! 

extra chocolate lave cake: From my organic diary

Chocolate lava cakes on table with chocolate chips

Another classic for us as far as Valentine’s Treats go…Chocolate Lava Cakes mmm! This is a super easy recipe, meaning even if you have zero kitchen skills you can make it for your sweetie. I even love the instructions provided to FREEZE some for later (you know, if you don’t eat them all at once)!

Click HERE for the recipe!

Are you feeling SWEET yet!? I don’t even know where to start with all the goodies above…I mean really, I can feel my waistline growing by the second! I thought I would throw in a few “extra” goodies for you guys to check out as well! These may not be your “traditional” Valentine’s Treats but they are sure to become a favorite to incorporate year after year!

Strawberry bacon roses: from the primal desire

chocolate covered bacon roses

Oh ya, you read that right!!! Strawberry Bacon Roses with a chocolate balsamic vinegar reduction to top it all off…are you drooling?? I know I sure am! I think these will make my hubby very verrryyy happy!

Click HERE for the recipe! 

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies: from fizldizl

Plate of fresh cookies with glass of milk

Yep  I went there!!! If you are traditional then this is the recipe for you! You can choose to “dress it up” with some vanilla bean ice cream and chocolate sauce served warm from the oven, or eat em straight up! You can even write cute little love messages on them and give them out to co-workers, friends or your kids! 

Click HERE for the recipe! 

sparkling unicorn drink: from the olive blogger

champagne flutes with hibiscus flowers

Here is something you don’t see everyday…a unicorn! Okay…maybe not, but it is just as interesting as one! I came up with this drink for Mother’s Day last year and have made it many, many times since then! It is super light and refreshing, and is the perfect way to add a special touch to your meal!

Click HERE for the recipe! 

warm figs with goat cheese and balsamic glaze: from 80 twenty nutrition

Looking to start the night off right?! Cook up this delicious appetizer and sit back while your sweetie praises your “hard work”…they don’t have to know how easy this one was to make!

Click HERE for the recipe! 

Ok guys, that is IT! I think that should be enough inspiration and deliciousness to get your Valentines Day started! Now get planning and let me know what goodies you choose to make!

Easy Chocolate Apple Valentine Treats - THE OLIVE BLOGGER - Recipes your family will love!

Monday 14th of January 2019

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Saturday 4th of February 2017

Yum!! These are all awesome sweet treats! And now I really want a brownie!!


Saturday 4th of February 2017

Thanks Sumer! The brownies are so easy to make, whip em up now and you will have them for an after lunch snack!


Saturday 4th of February 2017

Great options here- some day I will remember to make fun treats for Valentines Day!


Saturday 4th of February 2017

Thanks! You can make so many of these any time of year, which makes them perfect!


Friday 3rd of February 2017

Great list of goodies to make for Valentines Day or for anytime. Must start with the brownies.


Friday 3rd of February 2017

Thanks Candy!! Those brownies are incredible, our guests are still talking about them!

Tiffany @ Parsnips + Pastries

Friday 3rd of February 2017

what a gorgeous roundup! Loving those champagne cupcakes - omnomnom!


Friday 3rd of February 2017

Thanks Tiffany!! The hardest part is deciding where to start!!! <3